Domestic and Sexual Abuse


Where to find help locally.

Help is available in Sefton for women, young people & children, men, transgender and LGBTQUI+ people experiencing relationship abuse, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or religion. How to get help.

If you need urgent help, call 999 immediately.

If you are unsure and need advice, please call Sefton Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) Team on Phone: 0151 934 5142

Email: please note this is not a secure email address.


If you need further information, please take a look at:

Sexual Abuse

Health Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

Independent support worker (not police) who offers support and advice to victims of sexual abuse no matter when the incident occurred.

The ISVA triages victims/survivors of sexual abuse to ensure they receive the correct support. This can involve support within the criminal justice system process, accessing trauma-based counselling, advocating on your behalf with your GP, workplace, education setting etc. This support is victim led and non-judgemental. For more information, please follow this link.


Tel: 01704 705248                      Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Mobile: 07818 533845



RASA Merseyside (Sexual Violence Service)

Help for anyone who has been sexually abused or raped, or who has been affected by sexual violence at any time in their lives.