Patient information for IUD/IUS fitting

Patient Information for intrauterine contraception (coils)


For heavy menstrual bleeding or for HRT, please contact your GP for a gynaecology referral unless you also need contraception


What is intrauterine contraception?

An intrauterine contraceptive device is a form of long-acting reversible contraception. It is a small device that fits inside your womb. There are two types, hormonal devices that contain progestogen and non-hormonal devices that contain copper.


What do I need to do before my device is inserted?

It is important that you are not pregnant when you have an IUC fitted. The copper device can sometimes be used as emergency contraception. Please contact 01695 656550 for a nurse to discuss this with you.


You must continue to use reliable contraception until your appointment or abstain from sex from the first day of your last period


If you are having an IUC changed please do not have unprotected sex for seven days prior to your appointment.


What do I do before my appointment?

1. Attend the clinic 10 minutes before your appointment time

2. Have something to eat before your appointment

3. You may get cramps following your IUC fit. You may choose to take pain killers approximately 20 minutes before your appointment.

4. Bring a sanitary towel with you.


As we do not have crèche facilities on site, we ask politely if you can arrange childcare prior to attending, or if you have to bring children, please bring someone who can watch them whilst you have your procedure.


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