Frequently Asked Questions

**Please note – as we have changed the way we work in line with COVID-19 guidance some of these questions will not be relevant at this time.**



WALK IN & WAIT CLINIC – On arrival the receptionist will ask you to complete a patient registration form.

WHY DO I HAVE TO FILL IN A FORM? -This helps us work out who you need to see.

BOOKED APPOINTMENT – Please tell the receptionist that you have an appointment.


WALK IN – We cannot predict how busy walk in clinic will be as it depends how many people choose to attend. Be prepared to wait to be seen by both reception and by a Nurse or Doctor. If you feel your visit is not urgent you may find it easier to call our appointment line on 01695 656550. Reception are happy to speak to everyone, offer information and book appointments, but please bear with us when it’s busy.

Once clinic reaches capacity, patients are shown a list of “emergencies” by the receptionist to identify the urgency of your visit.

BOOKED APPOINTMENT – Allow time to be here for at least an hour, it will depend on your needs and if clinic has had a lot of emergencies that day.

HOW LONG WILL MY CONSULTATION LAST? – This depends on why you are attending. The consultation may last up to 45 minutes. Allow yourself plenty of time particularly in walk in clinics as you may be here for a couple of hours. If you are attending for contraception expect to be offered a sexual health screen too.

CAN I BRING CHILDREN? – As we do not have crèche facilities on site, we ask if you can arrange childcare prior to attending, or if you have to bring children, please bring someone who can watch them whilst you have your procedure or treatment.

WHY ARE PEOPLE CALLED BEFORE ME YET THEY ARRIVED AFTER ME? – We have different clinics running and people attend Sefton Sexual Health for different reasons. If you feel you’ve been waiting a long time especially if you have a booked appointment please see reception and they will check for you.

WHAT IS A SYMPTOM? – Anything in your genital area that is not normal for you i.e. a change in discharge, sores etc.

WHAT IS ASYMPTOMATIC? – This means you have no symptoms i.e. any changes down below and just want a peace of mind screen.

WHEN WILL I GET MY RESULTS? – It depends on what test you have had done, but it usually takes up to 2 weeks for your results to come back.

HOW CAN I BOOK AN APPOINTMENT? – You can speak to reception or call the appointment line 01695 656550.