Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol misuse is defined as a pattern of drinking that results in harm to ones’ health, personal relationship or ability to work.
Drug misuse is defined as the use of substance for a purpose not consistent with legal or medical guidelines (WHO 2006). It may result in harm to ones’ health, personal relationships or ability to work.
Alcohol and drugs have a strong effect on the brain and the body, lowering inhibitions, impairing judgement, affecting memory and impacting on your mental health.

For more information on alcohol and drugs please visit:


Rise Up Sefton (under18s)                online referral form

Change Grow Live (CGL) (all ages)  Online referral form


Talk to Frank (all ages)

Alcoholics Anonymous (all ages)

For Emotional & Mental Health Support:

Talking Matters Sefton (over 18) 0300 303 2708

Samaritans (all ages)  116 123

CALM (all ages) 0800 585858

Childline (under 18)  0800 1111

Kooth (under 18) (web based support)